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When you join Lifts For Artists, we’ll promote you, your work, and the concept behind your work to our network. As a result, people are inspired by and exposed to art that they may not otherwise be aware of, and it gives you the opportunity to tell your story about your creations to new audiences.

Celebrating culture

Creating beauty and new opportunities for artists

Bringing artists & communities together

 Lifts For Artists – Goals:

  • To support visual and performing artists by reducing the costs of producing original art installations and local events
  • To help spread awareness of the arts in different communities by sharing ideas and images, and encourage others to engage with creative experiences in their communities
  • To help local artists, musicians, and performing artists gain exposure to new audiences

Program guidelines: In order to receive the discounted rates, lifts must be used in the production of a work of art, creative project, or cultural event (subject to approval by the rental yard). Artist / project manager agrees to provide photos of the project throughout its creation. In return, Fleet Up and IronTek Solutions  will help promote the project and the artist.